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Today, stylized parties get more and more popular. We feel like finding ourselves in the 60s, hanging out with gangsters in America in the 30s, or returning to „our happy childhood“.

Adults—as well as children—love partying and having fun. Traditional spending the whole party at the table, eating and chatting, does not inspire any more. We long for colourful unconventional outfits, delicious meals of various cuisines, lively games and competitions, and inventive scenarios. We desire children’s enthusiasm and high spirits, which arise in the soul when we hear the word “party”!

Make your holiday unique by arranging a theme party!

Party stylized as a “musical”

The programme is based on mixing famous musicals like Cats, Chicago, Mama Mia, etc. The musical content is selected according to the customer’s preferences. If there is interest, we can prepare—in advance—short theatrical performances with the guests. The programme implies coulourful costumes and decoration.

Party stylized as “fantasy”

If you are fond of magic and witchcraft, then this is your scenario! You will enjoy magic atmosphere and mythical characters like elves, dwarfs, and trolls. By the way, especially corrupt and wicked trolls can kidnap the managers (a suggestion to the employees)! A fortune teller in a marquee will reveal the future in a crystal ball for you (a suggestion to the finance director). A magic show with tricks will fascinate you (the 13th salary disappears—a suggestion to the managers, who finally got free from the trolls).

Glamorous party

If you follow fashion trends, this party is for you. A stylist will work with every guest. Meals and drinks are selected most carefully. Hottest music hits, popular DJs, and VIP bands. Decoration according to the latest fashion trends. Art show of designer clothes. Body-art show. Best of the glamour is just for you!

“Moulin Rouge”

This is a party stylized as Parisian cabaret “Moulin Rouge”: stunning music and colours, magicians and their tricks, passion and beauty.

Oriental party

It is the night of belly dance, cosy atmosphere in the light of numerous candles, and dining on soft cushions at a low table. Smoking flavoured tobacco with Arabic water pipe will immerse you in the inimitable atmosphere of the Middle East, where relaxation and rest is an old tradition.

Spanish party

The possible elements of such a party include Spanish cuisine, passionate tango, black and red dress code for real machos and passionate Spanish beauties, and comic corrida.

Party stylized as “Disco”

Make a real disco of the 80-90s with a theme quiz, rampant dances, bright leggings, and glossy tops. Disco is a synonym of a party, do not lose such a pleasure.

Bandits’ party

Your guests will be excited by the style of Chicago of the 30th, dressed up ladies wearing hats with feathers and gentlemen wearing striped suites and suspenders, an improvised shooting gallery, a prohibition on alcohol and drinking spirits from coffee cups, a roulette, jazz, and cigars.

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